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Written July 27, 2016


When the weather gets frosty, it’s good to have a regenerating hand warmer.

Written July 21, 2016

Comic-Con 2016

The calm before the storm. If you’re in San Diego this weekend stop by the Scrollon booth #1221. Meet the friendly people who help make this platform possible, and pick up a poster or some postcard created by me, Mark Moretti and Hiroshi Mori!

Written July 13, 2016

“Sophie Sneaks Away”

Sophie tries to escape Giant Country. Another concept sketch I did for The BFG.

Written July 6, 2016

BFG and Sophie

One of my sketches from BFG. Because of the people with whom I was working (Steven Spielberg, Melissa Mathison, Rick Carter and all my friends from The Third Floor) this film ranks among my favorite experiences within the entertainment industry.

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for Fishing Party

I am enjoying, as you have done, the play of light and shadow, color, to illustrate shape and form. I'd be a hypocrite to wag my finger at one who enjoys their work making it as much as I do looking at it....

by Richard