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Written May 26, 2016

“Almost Home”

Be it ever so humble…

Written May 25, 2016

“Snake Walk”

Here is my completed illustration for May.

Written May 19, 2016

“Open the Gates”

Always be polite to people who arrive at your door, be they ever so humble.

Written May 18, 2016

“Snake Walk” detail #3

The final detail from “Snake Walk”. I’ll post the complete illustration next Wednesday.

Written May 12, 2016

“In My Nature”

A girl in the forest.

Written May 11, 2016

“Snake Walk” detail #2

Second detail from my new illustration for May.

Written May 5, 2016

“Traveling Companions”

A boy, an owl and a griffin on the road together.

Written May 4, 2016

“Snake Walk” detail #1

The first detail from my new illustration for May 2016.

Written May 1, 2016

Emery and the Queen

FromĀ  The Heart of the Hollow World # 18 “Birth”.

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for “Not in a Hurry”

Like so many of your vignettes, there must be an intriguing story behind this illustration. I do enjoy the intimate shadow play, the sense of place and languid motion....

by Richard